Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ready for my first Race!

After a fantastic season’s end in Ironman Hawaii 2008, where I got on the podium again, I first took a well deserved rest. Not too long (3 weeks only) but enough to recharge my batteries. Since I already qualified for this year’s race in Hawaii, I do not have to participate in another Ironman, so I am able to prepare myself more calmly ( this is of course all very relative)and enjoy the training.
Through my training program of the last 2 years, I have gotten much stronger, but I also lost some of my original speed and explosiveness. It was still in my body, but I could not use it any longer. Hence, these days, I regularly train with some young lads, preparing for Olympic Distance racing. That makes it mentally easier to go deep, because these guys always want to challenge me. In the last few years both the swimming and running training schemes have changed a bit. These days the OD athletes train much more on speed and intensity, mixed with power and hypoxic training … Its hard to believe, but somehow it does not really bother me and I can easily perform with the others.
My swimming had already improved before last year’s race in Hawaii and that obviously helped me on my way to the podium. The nice thing for me is that even today I am still slowly getting better (even at my age…). As a result I can now put down swim times that are better than ever before.I have not specifically trained for the bike leg yet, but I have been working on my time trial position ( not for Ironman California, but rather for Roth and Hawaii).
Aside from my training, everything goes quite well too. I enjoy the life with my wife and my two little kids, and I also had some quality time with my family and friends.With regard to my sponsors, I stopped with Nike and started with K-Swiss. I also switched over from a Cervelo P3 to a Ridley Dean and started using Suunto and SportsControl. My longtime sponsors NorthgateArinso, BLOSO and Oil service continue to allow me to work professionally.

Conclusion: after a carefree winter, I feel good, I am not suffering from any injuries and I am ready for my first race of the season. I have looked at the list of PRO’s participating . It’s going to be a tough race and the speed will be forced up with all these OD athletes, but nevertheless, I think I will do well. I’ll keep you all posted!


April 2 2009


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